"Fiber My Neighborhood" Challenge

We are proud to announce our continued expansion of fiber in Parkersburg! Dumont Telephone Company has invested another $300,000 into Parkersburg during 2018 by installing fiber to approximately 112 additional homes and businesses. This has brought our total investment in Parkersburg to almost $1M while offering Broadband and Cable TV services to homes and businesses in the red areas on the map below. If you are in these areas and want to get services from a quality fiber optic network, please call our office today at (641) 857-3211.

If you are in the remaining colored areas, help us determine the next area for construction in 2019 by submitting your addresses below! Please "Like" us on Facebook for future updates and continue visiting our site for more information about Fiber-to-the-Home. We sincerely appreciate everyone who has showed and those that continue to show interest by completing the "Fiber My Neighborhood" Challenge.


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