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As a local phone company with over 100 years of experience, we’ve learned a few lessons from our customers over the years—about providing the best quality service with a personal touch, and helping customers get the services they need at an affordable price. Residential phone service is available in the communities and rural areas of Dumont and Allison.

Inside Wire Maintenance

The Inside Wire Maintenance agreement provides for the time and materials to repair or replace telephone wire located inside your home. Customers who subscribe to this service are charged a modest fee per month. In the absence of an Inside Wire Maintenance agreement, if Dumont Telephone is called to the home, the repair charges are based on a trip charge, labor and materials.

Calling Features

Customize your service with calling features to meet every calling need and budget!

Long Distance Service

Dumont Telephone offers long distance service for 15¢ per minute with no additional monthly charges or hidden fees like other carriers.