Business Telephone Systems

Looking to purchase a new Vertical telephone system or upgrade your current equipment? Call us for all your business system needs! Key benefits include:

  • Unified Communication -Receive voicemail messages as an email
  • Mobility - Stay connected to the office telephone system while on the go
  • WiFi Telephones - Less expensive and packed with features 
  • Just the Right Size - Three options ranging from 1 user to 324 users


WiFi Routers 

Go wireless in your home or business! Let the experts install a wireless router, secure your connection and sync your devices: laptops, cell phones, tablets, gaming systems and home monitoring devices. Make it easy on yourself. Let us do it for you!


Cable TV I DVR I TV Everywhere

Packages offer over 30 off-air channels, local events and over 200 channels of quality programming with high definition, whole home DVR, watch TV everywhere, pay-per-view and caller ID features. Premium channel options include NFL RedZone, Cinemax and HBO.


Available Services from Dumont Telephone


Data Network Wiring

Our certified technicians install and maintain state of the art data networks. Complete projects may include Cat6 or Fiber cabling, wiremold, faceplates, modules, patch panels, racking, cable management, labeling and testing. Flexible pricing is available with a flat fee per location for the budget conscious or on a time and material basis. From a single connection in your home to multiple locations in your business, let us help you get the most out of your network.


Home Monitoring

Imagine the ability to monitor your home from a remote location with a Broadband connection: adjust the thermostat, turn lights on/off manually, or have a pre-determined schedule, receive text messages if doors/windows are opened or if motion is sensed, if the sump pump fails, and water is detected, receive an alert. Home Monitoring provides peace of mind while you're away from home!


Auto Pay | Online Bill Pay | Mobile Pay | eBills

Take the stress out of paying bills with automatic payments. Save time and money. No more checks to write or stamps to buy!

  • Auto Pay - Auto withdrawn from a checking or savings account
  • Online Bill Pay - Simple click of the mouse and your bill is paid
  • Mobile Pay - Make a payment by replying to a text message
  • Credit Card - Pay with a Visa or MasterCard over the phone
  • eBill - Go green with paperless billing! Receive notice that your eBill is available online or have an electronic copy emailed directly to you.